Are all blockchain games the same?

October 6, 2023

Let’s start the post by answering the question of the title in an emphatic way: no, not all blockchain games are the same. However, it is interesting to talk about the differences, which in this case go beyond gameplay. Let’s get to it.

Why are not all blockchain games the same?

The simple answer would be to say that not all blockchain games are the same, in the same way that happens with conventional video games. This is a fact, although the basic principle is the same, there are huge differences between conventional video games.

These differences have to do with concepts such as the genre of the game, the target audience they are aimed at, and even aspects such as budgets, publishers, etc.

All of these differences are also present in blockchain games. As the industry advances, we also find diversity of genres, budgets, project models, etc.

But, really, the blockchain games industry marks a huge difference between its projects deeper than in the case of conventional video games. It comes down to whether the projects are playable or not.

You have to understand the principle of nft games to understand the present

Being in a new industry is really exciting, but, also complicated and sometimes frustrating. It is not only about how developers understand the industry, but also about how the end user understands and visualizes it.

The beginning of nft games is directly associated with a very specific model: C2E. In this model, based on zero-sum systems with more or less deflationary tools, gameplay did not matter.

The focus of the projects was on trying to deliver profitability (based on constant user input models) with minimum player effort, where neither skills nor gameplay experience mattered.

This model initially generated a huge groundswell of sympathy and, subsequently, great disappointment, with the bankruptcy of the vast majority of projects. In many cases, projects were poorly calculated, poorly designed or simply bad projects.

In these cases, we should not only look at the concept. C2E will continue to have a place in the nft sector, but they are a segment in themselves. The future of blockchain video games does not lie there. The future is simple: a video game is either fun and has a good gameplay or it will not succeed.

Fun and engaging video games

If we understand the blockchain layer as a positive evolution of the video game market, we also understand that we are part of that industry: we make video games.

Necessarily a video game has to offer entertainment. An nft game must be able, like Warlands, to be engaging and playable even if you take away the blockchain layer. It is a game that we would play in any case, but which, in addition, is improved and allows rewarding skill and enhancing the possibilities of remuneration and ownership of assets, something that does not happen in conventional videogames.

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