Blockchain games evolution or revolution?

October 6, 2023

Many people wonder about the future of  NFT games. The enormous amount of information (not always correct) can confuse. That is why it is interesting to turn to experts like Olipp (Óliver Pérez, CEO of Warlands) to give us a professional view of this future.

According to Olipp, the first thing to bear in mind is that we are dealing with a young market in which many things have yet to be established. This means that there are still no absolute truths beyond the knowledge that there is huge market potential and that nft games are here to stay.

Games will be fun, or they won’t be

This is an important point. It does not mean that the click-to-earn concept will cease to exist, but, in all likelihood, it will be redefined and tend to create a sector in its own right.

It is not difficult to think of a not too distant future where Play and Earn and C2E will go completely separate ways, the latter even being a genre in its own right.

Gameplay is going to be fundamental. A video game will necessarily have to be fun and entertaining and provide hours of gameplay in addition to the rewarding layer.

Teams will become more and more professional

Let’s take as a reference the development teams of top-level nft games such as Warlands. We can see how teams of dozens of people are grouped behind the project, covering the different areas of development, communication, economics, marketing, etc.

When it comes to developing a video game, it is necessary to call on professional resources. This does not mean that all video games will be the same size or that development teams will be huge. However, the tendency is for them to be professional projects carried out in a context of high capacities and great potential of human teams.

The importance of tokens will be relative, and they will be less manipulable

This is a key aspect of the economic side of blockchain games. The digital assets representing these games will become of high but relative importance compared to the old nft game projects.

On the other hand, development companies will increasingly apply measures to limit market manipulation. It should be noted that market manipulation has been a major problem in the prehistory of remunerative games.

The conventional video game industry will turn its eyes to the nft

We only have to look at history to understand how the video game industry will eventually turn its eyes to blockchain games. According to Olipp, we have plenty of illustrative examples of this.

Two of them could be the huge conversion that the record industry had to make in relation to digital music or, more recently, the huge change that the audiovisual content market has made in relation to streaming content.

Obviously, when sectors are swept along by unstoppable market movements, the major industries react and join in. This is something that is already beginning to be seen quite explicitly in nft gaming and will continue to increase in the coming months and years.

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