Play and earn o Play to earn What are the differences?

October 6, 2023

In the NFT games market, too, details matter. And these nuances can make the difference between one game model and another. Therefore, it is important to discover what each concept means and how it is interpreted as the market evolves.

It is good, in this sense, to turn to the opinion of experts like Olipp (Óliver, Pérez CEO of Warlands) to help us better understand each concept and its applications.

Why are there so many different concepts to explain the same thing?

Basically because it is not the same thing. According to Olipp, this is a really new market segment. This means that every detail is developing at breakneck speed, as well as the terminology of things.

However, it is important to start to put each element in its place. Not all NFT games are the same, and not all concepts are alike.

Play to Earn is a primary concept in NFT games. This term was used in the early days of the market to differentiate between two styles of play:

  • Those that required virtually no gameplay, known as click to earn, and those that required no gameplay at all
  • Those with some form of gameplay, known as play to earn

While these two terms may seem to define the full range of possibilities in an NFT game, they do not. In fact, it is quite likely that new names and specializations will emerge in the coming months and even years.

Play and Earn is one of the concepts gaining momentum and which Warlands pioneered.

What is the difference between P2E and PaE?

The difference is basically in what each of the two definitions implies.

According to the expert Olipp, an absolute condition is applied when talking about Play to Earn: the game is played to earn money. Two variables apply to this condition: the first is that the gameplay is irrelevant since the important thing is the objective. The second is that the vision of the game is purely an investment.

Although it may be legitimate to opt for this type of model, the truth is that it does not seem to be what the market is demanding. In response to this comes the idea of Play and Earn.

Play and Earn bases its potential on defending playability as the first element. It is a videogame that is conceived to entertain. And, as in the case of Warlands, to both amuse and compete. The blockchain layer that offers all the potential for remuneration and improvements over conventional games is added to this.

In other words, the basis of PaE is that, even without the remunerative concept applied, they are fun, entertaining, and competitive games that you would like to play. However, the basis of P2E is entirely profit-oriented.

It seems quite evident that between the two options, the one that is more likely to last and establish itself in the market is the one that provides the dual path of fun and profit.

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