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October 6, 2023

At this point, few people in the entertainment industry doubt the potential of digital sports or eSports. The amount of money eSports competitions move has a steady progression in the last decade. It is an industry that still has no known ceiling and where the next step is the blockchain layer.

WARLANDS is the first eSport Blockchain game. A video game concept where the best of both concepts is mixed: on the one hand, all the potential of a competitive game, and on the other hand, the enormous breadth that the blockchain layer provides.

Why an eSport blockchain game?

OLIPPAccording to the expert (and CEO of Warlands) Óliver Pérez Olipp, it is not so much a question of whether or not this will happen but when it will happen. The evolution of competitive video games to blockchain was a fact and a market gap that a project like Warlands has come to fill.

Some reasons justify this new reality and this paradigm toward which eSports are heading.

The first is the enormous democratization of access to earnings that incorporating nfts and blockchain into eSports entails. We only need to think a little to understand all this.
Until now, competitive video games only remunerate a few. Moreover, the best remunerations go to an elite group of professional players that require a lot of education, training, and preparation.

Not all the millions of video game players are prepared for this. However, the millions of players who play eSports also enjoy being competitive, competing, and obtaining victories: victories that are not remunerated. The great advantage that a competitive nft game initially offers is that remuneration is within reach of any profile.

That is to say, a casual player, who dedicates only a few hours to the game, can obtain a certain remuneration as long as he obtains victories. This was unthinkable before the arrival of the play-and-earn concept; now, it is a reality.

Ownership of nft and the potential of secondary markets

At present, when blockchain games are still taking off, the future market landscape is still being drawn. However, some things are quite clear, and one of them is that the potential of owning one’s assets will contribute to a very dynamic future market.

Today, if anything, the potential is set by the players themselves. This will follow; the players will always be the main asset in a competition, but, from now on, through the blockchain and nft, it is also possible that the assets themselves will hold a real value.

This real value, which will be reflected in the corresponding Marketplace, will also end up jumping to the secondary markets. This, in turn, will generate huge potential for the transfer market and the sale of nft. Not everyone will have the same values, the same time to dedicate to a character, or, simply, the same money to access certain market areas.
We are facing an exciting future.

At Warlands, we feel we are on the crest of a great, growing, unstoppable wave. Join our project, enter our social networks and discover all the enormous potential that we are beginning to deploy

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